How interiors can improve human health

The idea of biophilic design is having things around us that are natural. This design allows us to interact with nature without compromising our modern lifestyle.
It’s to highlight the beautiful aspects of nature, that people can fall in love with and to create an environment of wellness. The future of design is to think long-term , hence biophilic design is one of the best strategies. Biophilia suggests there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living organisms. Contact with nature is expressed through design elements using…
• Natural light
• Water features
• Indoor plants
• Views of nature
• Natural materials
• Living walls/ green roofs ( for exterior)
These elements can impact both; mental and physical health. Biophilic design can decrease stress and improve productivity and creativity.

Biophilic design can be beneficial not only in commercial and living areas , but especially in educational. For example example when people are stimulated by the environment, their spirits are lifted and attentions heightened. So students can immerse themselves and treat this more like an outdoor learning classroom.
In the workplace, biophilic design tactics in offices increases the wellbeing of employees and therefore aid other financial benefits like reduction in use of sick days.

Biophilic design principles are generally organized into three categories: nature in the space, nature of the space, and natural analogs.
Nature in the space refers to the direct presence of nature in the space. Nature of the space is about replicating the feelings that natural spaces given to us. And analogues use indirect methods to reflect nature for example: use of naturally- inspired patterns and shapes with non natural materials. Human response to biomorphic patterns and arrangements seen in nature , are preferable. Even though we understand these patterns are non-living, our brains associate them with representations of living things. When it’s simply not possible to add a window or entirely retrofit as existing space, opportunities that mimic nature is another option. The key of biophilic design principles is to integrate these forms in a way that feels natural.

Interior design trends 2021.

Tips how to create empowered home.

“I believe that your home tells the story of who you are and who you aspire to be” we represent ourselves with the things we own.

The thing about trends is that people needs reassurance that there choices are the right ones for them, there families and their lifestyle. However trends come and go, so it’s always important to have some pieces in design that are timeless. That’s why I will share with you some ideas that are actual now while will be classic and useful for many years as far as classic and elegance never fade.

Let’s look at some of them:

Cane webbing

Environmentally friendly materials are the favorites at the moment. Cane can be recycled and reused. Its natural texture is perfect for creating contrast with other materials used in contemporary interiors such as marble, leather, golden accents, and matte black. It can be drafted and crafted according to different trends and styles. Be it Modern, Scandinavian, or Vintage Chic, cane fits in every design mold.

Black frames - contrast creation

Black framed interior doors, windows have gained popularity in contemporary homes. They are not only an exciting change from a traditional white window frame, but they also dress your home up inside and out. On the inside of your home, black windows help develop a noticeable contrast with white or light wood cabinets and light-colored countertops and work great with light-colored walls.

Black frames create continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces, they are timeless and go with almost every decoration style such as Industrial, Contemporary, Japandi, Scandinavian.

Natural colors

The color palette of earthy tones got into attention across many designers this year. The full spectrum of browns – dark chocolate/umber to terracotta/dirty blonde to sandy beige – you’ll also want to consult your Dulux chart for sienna, russet, and ochre. The monochromatic natural palette sets the tone of space expressed through contrasting materials and textures that will create an interplay of light and shadows. When dealing in earth tones, texture is key. Combine with natural wood, jute, golden accessories.

Natural light wood

I think this trend is inspired by people’s disconnect with the outside world and preferring nowadays to bring earthy elements into their home. Whether it’s Scandinavian blonde or rustic light oak, we’re seeing lighter-toned wood replace medium and darker shades. Wood light tones can be used in any style and room. Incorporate it on flooring, wall paneling, or furniture. Create contracts by adding some dark tones and decorations to give visual volume into space. A light wood reinforces that feeling of more space, as the hues create the illusion of a bigger room which can be useful in small spaces as well.

Black accents

Black is always make everything more elegant and classy and will never be out of fashion, so we will continue to see it in contemporary interiors, especially in decorating such as vases, lamps, coffee table. To create a rich contrast in the trend of using natural materials, add black accents to neutral colors and organic fabrics, wood and tan leather, and gold.


Decorating wall panels can play an interesting role in creating an individual and unique style of your home. They add dimension to your space and set the tone. Be it wood wall panels or classic, it can add to the natural shape of a room, is a nifty way to insulate walls and to even protect them from damage that comes with time. You can use wall panels in any space be it livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Being sensitive to the period of your home is key when you’re looking to make changes in your interior such as adding paneling. For example dark wood is not to everyone’s taste, and when used at full height it can feel imposing. But there are additional options that you can choose to leave panels in natural wood color to create contrast or paint in a soft shade to add warmth and an elegant look. You should also consider the size of the individual panel frames. Larger areas look good with bigger frame sizes, while small spaces tend to suit reeded panelling.

Concrete with plants

Up until a couple of years ago, concrete was traditionally relegated to basement and sidewalks and nobody would consider bringing it through as material into residential homes, but recently everything changed. Concrete is now be installed in homes as flooring, shelving, decorative elements, as bathtub, sink and even lamps. If you’re looking for a design idea that’s unexpected, fresh, and will stand for the test of time a concrete with plants and dark wood accents will be certainly solid, classic, modern and beautiful idea to bring into your home.

Sustainable and natural design

Interior designers introducing alternatives to plastic by using more sustainable materials. One of the top sustainable design trends is the use of biodegradable plastic. Made from plant based raw materials. Materials that are perceived as humble like straw, cork, bamboo, or plywood will be used more than ever before.


Since the 1960s, minimalism has had a profound impact on art culture. Minimalism’s all about being surrounded by the most valuable things, moving away from unnecessary embellishments and embracing clean lines, and more about whatever decorations and objects are more unique to you while keeping enough space. Peace of mind, clarity, and focus are all the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.


You may not think that Japan and Scandinavia have a lot in common, but when it comes to home design, they’re a lot more similar than you may think. It’s a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese Zen style. Each one’s aesthetics focus on simplicity, natural elements, and comfort. It’s a lot of clean simple shapes, minimalism, a very neutral color palette, and a beautiful blend of both. Typically it’s a mix of different types of woods so we see medium tone wood or colors like olive or siege, terracotta. To get the best of both worlds, draw on the coziness of Scandi design with warm textures and soft pieces while maintaining the elegance of Japanese decor.

The empowered home

If your home doesn’t empower you, to be you, to live your best life and doesn’t make you feel that everything is possible, then maybe it’s time to change it. Think through every detail, your colors, furniture, space planning, lighting. You should have a home that is a backdrop to the life story you want to live.

“Home is a backdrop to the life story you want to live”

oXana : Interior designer


One morning I woke up with the thought, that today something meaningful will happen in my life. As usual I went to my office and was searching for something on Google and came across an advertisement of an apartment for the sale from the developer. The advertisement stated with panoramic windows, with a private boiler and fully heated apartment. Without thinking even for a minute, I went to the viewing. This is how my path to the realization of my dream began. And the dream was risky, very ambitious and expensive.

Photo: Inna Chernyh

While my apartment`s building was under construction I kept thinking and planning in my head how to organize the space for my comfort that will suits me the best, so that everything will be convenient and beautiful. I would like to be in a good mood, with peace of mind, completely relaxation in my clean home. I was looking for a designer. But quickly I realized, that these services are expensive and beyond my budget, which I couldn’t afford. Besides designer was asking me about the budget of the project which I had no clue. So everything I earned, I had saved to make my dream apartment. 

Photo: Inna Chernyh

Constriction was delayed for 2 years and I had not received the keys from my apartment. I had already planned in my head all decorations, all furniture arrangement and the functionality of each room. According to flat plan I had a small kitchen and a completely unnecessary big balcony. But how to dismantle it so that it is will be legal? Here, another trait of my character did help – strict reinforcement of actions by law. I agreed with the developer that I would not demand compensation for delays under the contract in exchange for dismantling and legalizing the redevelopment in the kitchen and balcony at his expense. So I got a legitimate 28 square meters of kitchen. And finally I got my keys!

It was a great happiness and scary the same time as I decided to do all decorations by myself. I put on my work clothes and shoes and started to work on my dream home. I worked hard to put my dream into reality, through pain, tears, doubts and fears. So little by little, step by step I decorated walls, floors, ceilings. I learned how to use the natural sunlight from big windows, and understood its huge possibilities.

I purchased doors in the style in which I planned the decoration. Job was done, within the budget and I felt relieved.

Must say it was not an easy task. Lots of difficulties, tears, failures, everything is now behind, the main lesson I learned is not to stop half way, not to run away. Even though I wanted to leave it all behind many times. But the inexhaustible desire to implement this project, to complete it to its logical and functional completion, led me forward and forward, giving me strength and health. 

I came up with many functional solutions for furniture in the apartment. Everything came up functional, harmonious, conducive for a happy life.

Now, looking back, I don’t understand how I managed to lay the porcelain stoneware on which I am walking now, to putty the walls and glue the polyurethane ceiling cornice, wallpaper. It seems that this is impossible. But I passed through everything. Now I can surely say, do not be afraid of anything, go step by step towards your dream.

Upon completion of my apartment, my friends and neighbors came to visit me. And very shortly the rumor started to spread like a wildfire about a girl with taste and the character. Life introduced me to new people, brave like me. The apartment has gradually turned into the show – room. Lots of people asked permission to take photos of the interiors of the apartment in order to try to implement their own flats. Just some succeeded, others didn’t.

They began to ask me to help them. It was so interesting for me, it was so great to help people to embody their ideas, to kindle their hearts and eyes with the courage to implement what was conceived under my leadership, that I did not notice any difficulties or time. Strangers trusted me their homes, their funds. This is such a responsibility and pride. A year has passed so cool and interesting.   

Since then, the number of people interested in my design services has increased, and so I became an interior designer. It is such a happiness to live your dream and help others to make their dreams come true!  

Photo: Inna Chernyh

“It is such a happiness to live your dream and help others to make their dreams come true!”