Are Dark Spots permanent?

Are my dark spots permanent? If they will go away or remain for a lifetime? These are the questions that often come into your mind if you have dark spots due for any reason. Dark spots can be annoying if they are not going for a longer period of time. Some people might think that dark spots are permanent, but this is not true. 


Replace synthetic fillers. The reason to loving your fat

Hello the world! Caution. In this article I will share a part of myself, a part of my knowledge and a part of my story. 

My name is Victoria Zinevich and I am a beautician.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

Once I woke up and realized that I want to make this world a better, and more beautiful. Of course, I doubted that one little girl would be able to do this. But the strength of my desire was stronger.

And now I am on the verge of telling you about a part that fills me and each of us. About the beauty that we all have.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

In the 21st century, we are all used to running for another portion of beauty to a beautician. Recently, not only women, but also men, want to be better, more perfect, more handsome.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

Numerous preparations  – beauty injections  as fillers, botox, etc. are good. But the day has come when I will tell you that beauty lives inside each of us. You are ready?

I have always wanted more than just live, more than just love, more than just work, to be more than just a beautician. And I consider it my mission at this stage to make every effort to make this world a better place.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

First, I want to say that fillers for contour plastics for modeling the shape of the face and body based on hyaluronic acid are certainly working. Various studies confirm their safety for our body. But as I already mentioned: beauty is within us. Nature has long been done and invented everything before us.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

Of course, I am for everyone to accept themselves and love exactly the way they are. But for those who want to change, I want to tell about “natural fillers”. About what we all, without exception, have in ourselves. These substances protect our health and beauty, support and form immunity. Of course, many often fear and dislike them. What is it? It’s blood and fat. I use them in my practice as “natural fillers”, elixirs of youth and preparations for fighting skin problems.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

Most of people say to me: “I am afraid of blood”, or “I want to lose weight.” For many, the mere thought of blood and fat is disgusting. But I want to change your mind about these valuable products. I want to change this world for the better. I want you to love every cell of yourself and use it for good. Each has its own resource. I want us not to be afraid to get old anymore, because we can always look beautiful. I want us to be grateful to our body for what it has done for us. I want us to be able to use his precious resources for our own good, not to our detriment.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

Our body produces the most luxurious medicine – blood plasma. It appears on wounds, serves as a protective barrier, with its help tissues are restored. It is the same inside the body. Therefore, prp-therapy is a unique remedy for many diseases and is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. On my eyes, a person regained beautiful hair, youth, health and self-confidence. Filler can also be obtained from blood plasma. Natural filler to restore lost volume. This is an important point in reconstructive aesthetics. Since using only blood we can get beautiful lips, pronounced facial features, fill in wrinkles, as well as start metabolic processes and thereby give a person a chance for a better life, prolonging his youth. Such drugs are not rejected, as they are natural for the body. They do not cause allergies. And they also feel absolutely natural, like their own tissues, unlike synthetic fillers that are produced by factories, they are also called liquid implants. I apply my author’s techniques, based primarily on the knowledge to which I devote a very large part of my life. I was able to get almost a miracle – the perfect filler. And that’s why I really want to share with this world, to share that now we can be beautiful even longer and safer. I also share this regularly with other doctors, teaching them.

Facial: Victoria Zinevich @im.cosmetologist Photo: Elena Erakova Stylist: Alina Zheludkova

It’s no secret that cosmetologists are hidden employees of pharmaceutical companies and filler factories. Having come to the procedure, in most cases, the patient is asked which brand of the filler to choose better. Without thinking what is behind it. As cosmetologists, do not sell beautiful plump lips, for example, but a filler. Yes, that’s how it works. It is nothing wrong with this. Because it is thanks to these manufacturers of beauty injections that we have the opportunity to look more attractive and push back old age. But there is no limit to perfection. That is why I am addressing this message. I just have to tell you about the fat and stem cell fillers that are now available. Which practically turned medicine around the world. And fortunately, it doesn’t cost cosmic money because it’s natural. Fat is our gold and I very much ask you to respect these beautiful cells as well. Thanks to the adipose tissue obtained by aspiration, you can easily and permanently restore volumes, and do the same lip augmentation procedure. And in one procedure, get rid of extra centimeters, rejuvenate, get rid of scars. In my opinion, it is much more profitable to come to a beautician every two to three years than to run for an injection every 6 months. The obtained stem cells of the patient from fat gives impressive results, while without harm to health. Since we get them not from another organism, but from your own. This procedure helps to restore lost hair in the shortest possible time, youth in one step. It is called augmentation of tissues. Since fat stem cells can differentiate into cells of cartilage tissue, muscle tissue, dermis (skin) tissue. That is, to produce or grow other tissues. I saw all this results with my own eyes. Therefore, I consider it my humble mission to tell the world about this and pass it on. I want the world to be more beautiful and better.

With love, Victoria Zinevich 


Make your Barbie shape

Ladies never worry about their shape and appearance, as much as on the eve of their wedding day or before the beach season what is very popular in August. If a lady has a toned, athletic body, then any wedding dress will look good, and a swimsuit will only further emphasize her beauty.Without doubt, she proudly walks through the banquet hall irresistibly and with the same grace she catwalks along the beach, catching admiring glances. Yes, we are – ladies who desire to be in the finest shape walking by the pool or beach noticing all the sideways glances from admirers of beauty. This is true, right?

Model: Natalie Spivak , photo: Abir Khan, Lidia Springer

Getting in shape is the most common question models are asked, as they are know secrets, like no one else of how always to stay in shape and to get best attention. Not all models are willing to open these mysteries. But today model – Natalie Spivak will reveal to you the greatest secret of how easy it can be to attain a Barbie shape, and have people fall in love with you at 1st sight!

“I am glad to share my secrets if they may help. Are you ready? Let`s start!

1. Say NO- to painful diets!

I do not use them myself. If the body does not receive a sufficient minimum number of calories per day, it simply will not let you sleep. And the lack of a healthy 7-8 hour sleep will quickly exhaust you. But resting well is the most important base in healthy and beauty being. To reduce weight, the intake number of calories consumed should be less than that spent by the body during the day. Do not forget what the body needs about 500 calories to sleep, breathe and recover at night. 

2. Avoid late dinners.

The main secret in food is not to eat after 6PM. The highest-calorie meal should be eaten the first half of the day. If you can not resist the temptation of cake or a chocolate bar, then it is better to indulge in this sin before 2PM. The main meal should be breakfast and lunch. If you have a hearty breakfast first thing, it is easier to eat less for lunch and even less for dinner. Try it – it’s easy and simple. In case the body rebels, demanding food after 6PM, then find a replacement in small amounts of fresh fruits or vegetables.

3. Size is matters.

In the case of food, size always matters! It is important never overeat. Eat anything and everything, but fractionally; in parts. I highly advise the combination of meat or fish with vegetables. Eat flour products separately from proteins and, if possible, without torturing yourself, reduce to a minimum; reduce the amount of salt and sugar consumed, but food must remains tasty and delights you. Never overload your stomach as if you are eating like it’s the last meal in your life. You were born to live, not to eat. Food should be a fuel to live, not its purpose.

Model: Natalie Spivak , photo: Abir Khan, Lidia Springer

4. Say YES to lots of water.

You need to drink 1.5 to 3 liters of plain, non-carbonated water per day, tea and other drinks are not taken into account.

5. We are what we eat!

Fresh, healthy, high-quality food will help to achieve Barbie`s shape much faster. My main daily intake of food consumption consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, protein as boiled / grilled fish, eggs, cheese and yoghurt. Of course, I also sin with ice-cream and cake, but not every day. I don’t eat fried food or fast food, ketchup or mayonnaise, and do not advise flirting with this food as it will not only affect you with extra pounds, but also your overall health. There is an easy rule: the less food that has been processed and stored, the more beneficial it is for you and less toxic. After all, do you want your body to be a bin where everything is thrown into your stomach? 

6. Do physical activity with joy.

The essential secret in physical activity to “dry your body” or lose weight, is never eat protein foods 5 hours before or 5 hours after training. And any type of food 2-3 hours before and 2-3 hours after training. To lose weight it is recommended to exercise for one hour. During the first 30-40 minutes, your body will use up the calories eaten for the day. After 30-40 minutes it is starts to use stored fat.  Thus, if you do sports from 8-9PM for one hour, you can easily nourish your body with healthy food throughout the day and without any torture training in the evening to keep in shape. If you want to keep fit, train twice per week with each workout lasting one hour. If you want to lose weight, then train minimum 3 times per week. 

7. Barbie skin

For perfect look it is important a have a beautiful skin. The elimination of alcohol and tobacco is vital for healthy looking skin. A sip of olive oil in the morning will help cleanse the body. Also pineapple or kiwi fruit eaten during the day will achieve beautiful results. 


Model: Natalie Spivak , photo: Abir Khan, Lidia Springer

After applying what you learn, you will be ready for the catwalk on the beach. Confidence in your irresistibility and enamored glances will be the best compensation for the efforts you expend to prepare for that Barbie glowing.”