Vimana Private Jets- everything is possible

Story by Natalia Spivak 

Vimana Private Jets is a global aviation broker for on demand private charters, leasing and sales and acquisition of aircraft.

Company service the very top end of the market with client average monthly spend being approximately USD $1m, and pride ourselves on offering the very highest level of service by providing solutions to clients that “competitors” claim is not possible.

Clients include UHNWIs, celebrities, sports stars, Governments, Embassies and Corporations. Known for exceptional service delivered with value, company operate 24/7, 365 days a year and have over 5,000 aircraft world-wide available to clients, from 6-seater jets to VIP BBJ airliners that are literally floating hotels in the sky.

Vimana Private Jets are also one of a few aviation brokers to hold the highest safety certificate and are a member of the Air Charter Association.

Poto: Ryan Arbilo

Company offer a full service from A-Z and can deal with last minute requests to any location in the world. Charter teams fulfill many special or unique requirements for clients. Challenges that company have overcome have been opening airports and airspace on request, expediting the most challenging visa and documentation required for a client’s travel itinerary, providing onboard services such as Michelin chefs or nannies, or re-furbishing aircraft to the client’s specific taste etc. And of course, Vimana Private Jets manage many standard and short haul flights for clients who need to travel multiple times a month.

Requesting charter options could not be simpler. All is needs is the desired date, time and location for departure and arrival, number of passengers, luggage, and preferred aircraft, if any. Vimana Private Jets then present you with a selection of quotes and images of the aircraft interiors and layouts for you to choose from.

Vimana mission has never wavered. At the end of 2020 company has achieved 100%+ growth year on year with sales set to hit 50m, despite market challenges.

Owner of Vimana Private Jets Ameerh Naran has invested in the best talent in the industry with global offices open 24/7, 365 days of the year. Due to his reputation and network, Vimana has a long waiting list of clients. But Naran’s focus is to build the business of current clients, never sacrificing service levels for increased sales. As Vimana expands and trains up new brokers, new clients will only then be onboarded thus assuring sustainable growth.

Vimana has an unrivalled international VIP client base. Sales growth is supported by Naran’s expansion of Vimana operations in Europe and USA, Middle East, and Asia. He opened new offices in Dubai in 2019 to add to those already in London and Harare and implemented world class technology systems for brokering and client relationship management. Naran has also invested in the top aviation business consultants world-wide who support the Vimana aircraft leasing and acquisition arm

Naran’s leadership was tested in early 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic which has decimated the aviation industry. Through an early proactive response engaging with clients and operators, Naran had his teams work with current clients and onboard new clients desperate to return to their homes for self-isolation, his teams dealing with every aspect of their travel concerns.

He also adapted the business to offer Vimana services to transport cargo, delivering critical medical supplies to developing countries world-wide. To date Vimana has delivered over 1,000 tonnes of urgent equipment and has been a key player in the collective humanitarian effort. Naran also rallied his teams to contact every government struggling with the repatriation of citizens as borders closed, offering the company’s services for the repatriation of citizens stranded in dangerous or vulnerable locations, resulting in many families being united as a result of Vimana’s efforts.

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

Naran’s strategy of targeting clients flying solely on VIP airliners will continue over the next 3 years, with global expansion underpinning this strategy. Vimana’s recent investment in branding and marketing strategies supported by UK agencies will promote the company’s ambition to be the world’s premier VIP airliner jet brokerage with a specialist UK charter aviation team to service this top tier client base. Clients currently on the waiting list will be onboarded to expand the client base. Naran’s focus on tight client targeting, niche market positioning and investment in talent and brand marketing will aid the company’s projected targets of continuing to hit 100% growth in sales year on year to 2023 and beyond.

“My parents always taught me you can have anything you want in life. You just have to know how to ask for it.” - Ameerh Naran


Stephen Meade: Trying to figure Bitcoin, is like trying to figure Gold and you MISS the stock market.

Story by Natalia Spivak 

How did u start to do business?

I started my first business when I was 18 and in college. A friend of mine, who wasn’t much older than I, was living in a really cool apartment in Kansas City. One day, I saw a Styrofoam trey sitting on his kitchen table.  When I asked what it was, he took off the lid and showed me rows of fashion watches.  As I inquired more, I learned a few things.  He was buying these watches for around $8 and selling them for $35.  Though I’m not a math major per se, I was able to do some quick calculations. An apartment in KC at that time was only about $250 per month. If I sold 10 watches a month, I could make enough to get my own apartment! So, I decided to start selling watches.  However, I learned early on, that you only have so much time in a day and you can’t duplicate yourself. Thus, I came up with the idea to open retail stores. One problem, I didn’t have any money.  My proposal to my friend (who’s family actually had money) was simple.  If you put up the money for the stores, I’ll do all the work.  We eventually opened three stores called “Times Up”, and that, was my foray into entrepreneurship. 

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

What was the most exciting project u been working on?

Our current Project,, is a Fintech platform for B2B commerce. We’ve created a global market place for large companies to list goods and services for sale, and receive payment in a multitude of ways.  Accepting credit cards for settlement in easy, but MonetaPro also can do large scale ACH transactions.  This is something the eBay’s and Amazon’s of the world don’t do as they are limited to credit cards, which makes sense as well since they are primarily Business-to-Consumer.  For B2B transactions, which may go into the millions or tens of millions of dollars, ACH/Wire transfer is required.

However, what make MonetaPro really exciting is something we created called the GBUC (pronounced G-Buck), which is technically a digital dollar which can be used for settlement.  The GBUC stands for General Business Usage Currency, and acts as a unit of measurement and payment inside a closed system. 

Within MonetaPro a company can list items and select any or all of the settlement options.  If the GBUC is selected, when a company sells their item, they receive this Internal Trade Credit (GBUC) which is pegged to and equal to a US Dollar.  This internal credit, then can be used to purchase other goods within the MonetaPro marketplace.  Using the GBUC, the company never converts to cash or fiat.  This is especially beneficial for companies who may look to do business with Foreign Company or Countries. 

Imagine you’re a Heavy Equipment company who sells equipment to a copper mining Company in Zimbabwe, but you may not want the Zimbabwe Dollar.  The Mining Company, in turn, does not have US Dollars or a stable currency to make the purchase.  What do they have of value?  The copper asset, which has value.

MonetaPro would empower the company to list Copper for sale,  receive the GBUC trade credit, and then turn and use that GBUC trade credit to purchase items from the Equipment Company.  This creates a type of multi-party trading platform.  Much of this activity is called Global Barter, and it’s estimated to be a $17 Trillion dollar industry, which has never been automated.

The entry of MonetaPro into this global market, and the creation of an internal, stable, digital dollar, could create the world’s first true global electronic currency. If that happens, it would indeed be exciting.

The main secret of your success?

Interesting question as I often joke that I’m a lifelong entrepreneur and never had a job.  But, if there are two inflections points, they would be the following.  First, my Mom and Dad were divorced when I was very young. So we moved around a lot and I went to 13 schools through 8th grade. But as I grew up through high school, college and beyond, I never really drank, never did drugs, never smoked a cigarette and barely event took aspirin. Not that I was some prude or Saint, I was actually always afraid to, and never know why.  Then, a few years back I learned that my real Dad had died, and the cause of death was liver disease as he was an alcoholic.  Aha!! My epiphany was, that I have an addiction gene.

It’s just the addiction manifested in work, business, and a desire to learn, as opposed to more detrimental things like alcohol and drugs. This led to my better understanding decisions I made while growing up.

The second secret was part of my growth process.  When I was 22 I went to work at Travelers Group, a Global Financial Services Company. While there I read 357 books in 6 ½ years.  Which to many people sounds like a lot, but is actually just one book per week.  The goal was to dissect the elements from each book, extract the most important lesson and then learn that skill.  If you learn a new skill each week, it’s called stacking, and you can improve yourself dramatically over a short period of time.

It was through this time that I developed a “The BullsEye Belief System”.  This is a Ten Step program on how to build a company or be a better entrepreneur.  Each of the steps is a culmination of many different tips or techniques distilled down into very actionable items.  I consider myself a professionally trained speaker, but I’m not an entertainer I’m an educator.  I can walk someone through step by step, and potentially change their life in under an hour.

That’s part of what motivates me. I like helping other people be successful at what they are already passionate about. In using this Bulls Eye process, it forces you to be specific, targeted and focused on getting exactly what you want in life. Part of my goals have been reached.  Some are still a work in progress and the journey continues. I’m often asked if I’m “Happy” so far.  My response is, I live in a State of Peaceful Frustration.  Happy with where I am, but certainly always striving to be better.

Present and future projects?

The Present Project, as mentioned above is  My future project, is actually going backwards to a project I had many years ago, and the timing just wasn’t right.

We had developed a consumer project with accomplished the following things:

1.It saved Water, Plastic, Power, Pollution and Money.

2.It could accomplish all of this in under 60 seconds, whereby a consumer never changed their habit or patterns

3.The item costs less than $20, and can be distributed for free by large companies.

If 10 million of these items were given away to consumers, the savings would be:
45 Billion Gallons of Water

500 Million KW of Electricity

5.5 Billion Tons of Pollution, and

$250 Million dollars in water costs.

This is a simple product, with simple execution, and a BIG global impact. There is a lot of interest globally on solutions to save water and reduce carbon emissions. I believe we have something that could help in this endeavor. So, the future project, will actually be revitalizing an old one.

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

What crypto do you invest?

There are several that I bought back in the early days of Crypto (2017/2018).  I bought them more so just to see how it works.

I still own many of them, and really consider it a long term hold, hoping they go up over time.  So my portfolio from the early days consists of XRP, XLM, TRON, ADA, BCH, EOS, ETH, and probably a few others. I don’t recall and don’t really look.

Recently I did buy Chainlink at $8 as I thought there would be some value there. I also bought DOGE at .05, not for any other reason than the speculation it would go up.

Which partially leads to my philosophy on crypto investing.  You should view crypto, just like you do stocks. The NYSE is low risk/low return, Nasdaq is medium risk/medium return, and the OTC (Penny Stocks) are high rise/high return.  Depending on your risk profile should dictate what your crypto investment strategy is.

And, we are launching our own token, the MON (for Money Token), and it will soon be listed on an exchange to be announced. So, we have investments in our own token and Company of course.

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

What is your advice for person who just start to deal with crypto?

First, try to understand it based on other existing structures and fundamentals. For instance, in my opinion, Bitcoin is not a currency, but it could act as a limited form of payment.  It’s not much different from Gold in that sense.  Gold is an investment asset, has some aspects of payment where people may accept it, but it’s not really a currency.

Blockchain is just the underlying technology that drives and empowers Bitcoin, Crypto and many other existing and yet to be created services.  Much like the Internet enabled new processes, functions, and companies, Blockchain will do the same.

And last, if you are looking at Crypto, understand first, it’s not really a currency.  Some of the Crypto may perform that function, but overall crypto currency, are really crypto tokens, which are really more like penny stocks on the OTC market. Meaning, most people buy a penny stock at .10 and hope to sell it at $1. They  don’t really buy on fundamentals.  Most crypto, at a base level, are just that-speculative assets.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. Quite the opposite, as Token offerings will provide liquidity for companies that choose to use Cefi and Defi platforms for their offerings.  And, it will provide accelerated liquidity for the investors though the exchanges, which is better at times that equity in a startup that may take years to see an exit. Know that all investing is risky, and some is more risky than others.  That’s why it’s called investing and not saving.

Why trying to figure Bitcoin, is like trying to figure Gold and you MISS the stock market?

There has been a lot of excitement around the growth and increase in Bitcoin (BTC). I’ve watched with mild amusement as the bigger companies, financial institutions, traditional funds, and even state pensions look at BTC as a qualified investment asset.

This is similar to looking creating a fund just to invest in gold (Bitcoin), and then you miss the ability to use the Stock Market to raise money. One is an asset, the other is tool.

For those of us who have been in space since the early days (Brock Pierce, Michael Terpin, Steve Beauregard, and others), we’ve long held (no pun intended for the HODL’s), that Bitcoin would be a good (not sure we believed this good!) investment over the years.

For Bitcoin value now, let’s do some paper napkin math. Follow the example to see how Bitcoin is still a good investment opportunity: Bitcoin is currently priced around $50,000 and has a Market Cap of $1 Trillion. Gold, by contrast has a current price around $600,000 (for a standard Bank Brick) and a corresponding Market Cap of $10 Trillion.

If BTC were to rival Gold, and perhaps grow to the same size, that would mean BTC would go from a$1 Trillion to $10 Trillion market cap. That would push the price up ten-fold, and thus the correlated price of BTC would go from $60,000 to $600,000. Simple math.

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

Could that happen?



If you are tracking the rise in Bitcoin, many people reference the S2F model, which means stock to flow. Well, I have something called the C2F model, which stands for “Cash-to-Flow”.  Within large companies there is an estimated $2 Trillion dollars sitting in “cash” on the balance sheets.  Not only does this do very little for the companies, but it is also somewhat irresponsible. 

If companies start to move a percentage of their holdings, even 1-3%, into BTC, it would drive the price higher.  I did a Podcast in December of 2020 (Bitcoin had just passed $20,000) and I outlined the Top Ten Ways Bitcoin would rise to $100,000 or more.  More money invested, means more demand.

Institutions moving money over would make that happen with higher prices.  It is occurring with public companies and CEO’s such as Elon Musk, Michael Saylor and others. Heck even Ray Dalio (long time skeptic) has said BTC “should be part of any diversified holding”.

However, to me, that’s not interesting at ALL! Trying to figure out Bitcoin is like learning to invest in Gold, and you miss the Stock Market. I hope you would agree that gold in an important asset, it is but a small sliver of what became the global financial market. 

If you look at the total $10T market cap of Gold and think of gold as an investible asset, then quite simply, that’s what it is, an asset class. As an Institutional Investor you might invest in Gold, and you might even create a fund to do so.

However, and more likely, you will invest in many different stocks across different asset classes.  Even more so, you might even help companies raise money as a precursor to being public on one of the Exchanges.

When you look at the Stock Market, it has a value of over $100 Trillion, and thousands of companies that use the Market as a way to raise money, grow, expand, provide liquidity.  The Stock Market is a much bigger segment than gold and performs a completely different function.

So then, what do I compare to the size, scope and impact of the Stock Market? Cefi and Defi Token Exchanges.

 Again, Bitcoin is like Gold whereby Defi is like the Stock Market. The future of Companies in raising money will no longer be on the traditional stock exchanges. They will be in the Cefi (central financial exchanges-Coinbase, Centurion, Binance, Bittrex, etc.) and even more so, on Defi (decentralized financial exchanges-Uniswap, Sushiswap, Polkadot, etc.). The time cost and expense of traditional markets will not be able to compete with these new distribution platforms.

To see what I mean, let’s look at the three basic US Stock Exchanges:

-The New York Stock Exchange (the Granddaddy); Companies are usually 10 years or more and above $100MM to go public.

-The Nasdaq; Companies can go public a little quicker, but still are pretty big.

-The OTC (Over the Counter) or Microcaps (because they have much smaller market caps).  This exchange is also, sometime pejoratively called “Penny Stocks”, or even more so “Pink Sheet”.

What does all this mean?

Each exchange carries a different degree of risk (NYSE less risky than the OTC), and different stages of the company (NYSE later and OTC early), and different metrics for evaluation (NYSE is EBITA and OTC is potential). In all, there are thousands of stocks on exchanges around the world, and the total worldwide market for stocks estimated at over $150 Trillion.

How does this relate to Crypto Tokens?

To me, they are Tokens are all just glorified Penny Stocks.  That’s right- Tokens, Coins, Crypto Assets, are all just a type of tradable, early-stage stock. A company can use the US exchanges to eventually go public, or they can look at the digital exchanges and do the same thing, just potentially quicker, cheaper, and with more transparency. All of this, comes from a term I call “retrospective evolution”. It means, look at what has worked in the past (traditional exchange financing), and then figure out how to use future technology.

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

If you look at Coinbase, which just web public, it is an exchange for what?

Simple. It’s for the trading of Crypto Assets. If you look at the Global Stock market, with the many thousands of listings, I can see a future where those same Companies use “digital” exchanges for financing. If that change occurs to Digital instead of traditional stock exchanges, then the market for Crypto as a whole is much bigger than just Bitcoin. Many of the crypto listed on these exchanges may have little to no product or revenue, have high volatility, may have very little following, and might need market makers to create liquidity. Additionally, these Crypto Tokens can be moved very easily with Press Releases or Memes (look at DOGE coin) or attaching a Celebrity (again either DOGE with Elon Musk, or WOZx with Steve Wozniak). This looks a lot to me like Penny Stock financing. To me, take what’s worked in the OTC (early state high risk market) and move it to Digital Exchanges. Indeed, investing in Bitcoin is small and interesting, But the market for Global Crypto Token offerings is just so much bigger.
Stephen Meade Founder ~ Resident

“Bitcoin is currently priced around $50,000 and has a Market Cap of $1 Trillion”


Roman Stanislavovich: Create Your Success

Story by Natalia Spivak 

Never be afraid. Any idea goes through three stages. The first stage is when people will laugh at you, mock, say that nothing will work. The second stage is when people will criticize you. If criticized, mean what success is not far. The third stage: people begin to respect you. To achieve this third stage, you must always work, fight and believe in yourself!

Hello from business world! My name is Roman Stanislavovich. I was born in a family of intellectuals and leaders. Mom was respected chief and a specialist in the economics. Dad is a director in construction and freight transport and owner of his own construction and freight transport companies. Parents put in priority knowledge, that leads to high goals. The main principles of life: work on yourself tirelessly, go to the goal, always keep life principles. If you want to succeed, surround yourself with successful people.

Photo: Ryan Arbilo

Successes – it is moving forward, regardless of the circumstances, when you constantly take a step forward and not a step backward, while achieving your goals. Today I am in charge of my own business. Many are surprised at how I manage everywhere in time, to which I want to answer that it is all thanks to the team. I believe that in any business, the most important thing is to be able to assemble a strong team and work as a single organism. To achieve success, we also every day should be engaged in self-development, and constantly must grow.

Many, observing successful people, dream of changing themselves and their lives. But not everyone decides to leave the “comfort zone” and begin to act. It is easier for people to live in the environment that they have already created for themselves. Fear of accepting something new is one of the most popular obstacles to success. But the starting point to success is precisely – risk. All successful people, having once taken a chance, became what they are now. Therefore, remember, success belongs to those who know how to take risks! And on the way to achieving goals, those who join the bandwagon are sure to be, and at this moment it is important to find the strength in yourself to ignore and not to listen. In business, I understood one thing firmly: “It is not always possible to take perfect steps, therefore it is necessary to keep faithful people close.” It is important to assemble a strong team of like-minded people. And if you failed, you just need to rethink and start again, because it is important to always strive to go in the direction of the wind of change. Stumbling, getting up and moving forward without stopping is the law of business and success. With the most important thing, believe in yourself, never give up, set yourself the most ambitious goals and achieve them, regardless of obstacles!

Many people when they look at a successful person, they think he was just lucky, he has rich relatives, he was given a good start, he is very talented. But many billionaires did not study well or did not even finish school, many from poor families, and do not have special talents . Business is done by people, and how successful it will be depends on how you pump yourself. If you are able to pump and develop  yourself – then you will be able to pump and grow your business .         

Success has a recipe with the following ingredients:

  • Be prepared for deferred remuneration.
  • The ability to sell and convince. This skill should be perfected perfectly.
  • You need to constantly learn something new. But it is important to understand what exactly to study.
  1. You need to be able to focus on tasks for a long time and not be distracted.
  2. Set the right priorities.
Photo: Ryan Arbilo

Creating a business is not difficult, the most important thing is not to ruin what you are creating. The secret to success is simple: to love what you do. Just do what you are willing to do for free, and keep the focus on what leads to the goal.

Everyone wants to succeed and find their place in life, but not everyone succeeds. Someone underestimates the risks and loses money, someone lacks patience, someone chooses the wrong path. There are many reasons for failure, but there is one interesting fact: many people in their failures tend to blame circumstances and others, but not themselves. But it is the analysis of one’s own mistakes that is the key to success.

Sometimes at times when you give up, when it seems that nothing will turn out and everything is lost, when patience and determination ends, it’s enough to look at those who were in the same situation, but did not give up and still managed to achieve their dream and find own place in life.

Not everything is given at once, often it is patience, perseverance and determination that bring the very result, which turns out to be almost the meaning of life. It is never too late to find yourself and start doing things you love at any age.

Although it will not be easy to break through to the top of Olympics without an entrepreneurial spirit, but determination, flexibility and the ability to make contacts remain decisive factors. It happens that it takes more than a dozen years to find own place in life. But what one person began, his children can continue. The family business grows into huge corporations over time. It is important to be a few steps ahead: to see promising directions, not to be afraid to take reasonable risks and be able to find what will be interesting to people. I sincerely wish you to find your place in life, to find your favorite pastime that would bring you profit.