Interview with Svitlana Zakrenychna

Nails Artist: Zakrenychna Svitlana @XVSvetlana Nails & Go @nailsandgo.zh Photo: Miriam Bennouna @miriam_bennouna_stilakademie Makeup Artist: Hordiienko Viktoriia @alekova_beauty PR: TOP PR Agency @toppragency

How did it all start?

My first acquaintance with nails industry happened at the age of 14, when I first went to a manicurist to get my nails done.

The process was very interesting, with many different tools, beautiful bright and colorful jars.

I got long nails extensions with an aquarium design. It was a delight. The master’s work was fascinating. I watched with curiosity the process of laying out several coats – it was very inspiring. It was at that moment that I wanted to try it myself, since this process is very creative.

Considering myself a creative and inventive person, I was confident that one day I could do the same and even better.

What’s left behind the scenes?

In addition to the inspiration and beauty of the work itself, what brought me to this industry was another key point why I decided to seriously take up this profession.

This moment came when, during one of my visits to a manicure, the master cut my nail plate, and it took a very long time to heal. It was painful and unpleasant for me to touch my hands, and I understood that such grief as a master could cripple other people. That’s when I decided that I could bring the change. I would like to do manicure carefully without cutting and harming people’s health.

After all, beauty must go hand in hand with health.

I found a manicure school and began to study. My training took 3 full days, theory and practice on models.

The first day was a general theory about the manicure. What does a nail consist of, how to work with hands, how to hold tools correctly and, of course, how to do a classic manicure without damaging clients. And practice on a model.

The second day was a testing of several types of nails coats. Mostly there were acrylics. And practicing applying it to the model’s nails.

The third day was a testing of more complex gels. These are very hard nails coats that allow you to create mega long nails without harming natural nails. And of course, practicing with different designs.

At that time, there were no modern technologies and coats like everyone’s favorite gel polish.

After 3 days of training, I was released from the school with a list of nails coats, lamps, tools and brushes that I had to buy and it was a big task. At that time in Ukraine the manicure industry was just developing. And getting nails coats and tools was difficult and very expensive.

But I was determined to succeed and everything worked out well for me.

And as soon as I equipped everything for work, I immediately started trying my creativity on all my friends and neighbors. I’m not afraid to brag, they were delighted!

What inspires you to be a nail artist?

My character, which was instilled since childhood, through hard work and perseverance, helped me to achieve great heights in the industry with diligence and assertiveness. Get a profession with which I can work all over the world and which I fell in love with from the first minutes.

The best thing that came out of this was the decision to infiltrate this field!

What were your best creations?

I’ve been evolving over the years. Attended many new courses on latest nails coats and styles. Of course I took part in InterSharm competitions and looked for new products at exhibitions around the world.

Over time, I managed to open 2 beauty salons and a manicure school in Ukraine, where I taught and gave my whole soul for the benefit of creativity, the development of new/young masters. Of course attention to the health of clients comes first. But due to circumstances that happened in 2022 in my country, they had to be closed. This is really upset me, but the main thing at that moment was to save my life and the lives of my loved ones. I looked forward with hope that everything would work out. So I didn’t give up and didn’t fall into despair.

What are your current and next projects?

At the moment, after a break of a year and recuperation, I started working on a new project: “Nails & Go”.

It will be presented later, as I want to maintain the intrigue. But I can open the secret a little and tell you a bit about it.

This project is dedicated to the elegance of designs, saving time and ease of implementation for clients. In my humble opinion, simplicity and time saving for high-quality and stylish manicure will give a new round of development in this field.

The next stage after the successful implementation of the “Nails & Go” project, I want to restore everything that has been lost and gather a team of professionals and open a “beauty workshop” where professionalism, quality of work and laconic creativity will be the main base.

Perhaps there will be not only the field of manicure, but also several areas of beauty services.

What are your 10 VANITY achievements?

The most important 10 achievements in my life are:
1. Acquiring dream profession.
2. Implementation in the field and becoming a professional.
3. Successful participation in competitions and events.
4. Opening of 2 beauty salons
5. Opening a school for nail artists
6. The opportunity to develop and provide high-quality, and most importantly, safe services.
7. Completing main values in life
8. Success in combining work and home comfort
9. The birth and upbringing of a son.
10. Feel happy and fulfilled as a person